Thank you for your interest in Super Farm Management Software. This FAQ will answer many common questions. Please email us if your question is not answered below. SuperFarm@SuperMicroGreens.com

Q: Who is Super Farm for?

A: Small scale farms needing to keep track of planting and harvesting. Super Micro Greens uses the software daily for Micro Greens production.

Q: How many users per farm?

A: One. This initial release we will be only offering a single farmer user account.

Q: Why are some fields required?

A: Due to the nature of how records are related some fields are required.
For example a supplier is required for all inventory items.

Q: I ran out of medium now i cant add seeds?

A: Yes, Medium is a required item for seeds. You must add more inventory of medium to add more seeds. This medium is used to select the medium on planting.

Q: When will the software be updated?

A: Super Micro Greens will be releasing quarterly software updates. Hotfixes will be as needed. We will notify users with notification within the software and an email prior to any maintenance or updates scheduled or hotfix.

Q: How can i participate in the development?

A: We encourage your feedback and would greatly appreciate your constructive communications. Ideas for features, reports not available, bugs and other topics.

Q: Will the software scale with my farm?

A: Yes while the initial version is limited in users and scope we plan on supporting farms of all sizes long term.

Q: How do I get lot information for a planting?

A: The planting trace page is used for gathering all information about plantings (Here)
Harvest data is available on the harvest page (Here)
You can use the text search or the date range search to narrow the results. All columns are sort-able and the data set is paged.


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