Long Term Development Roadmap

All dates are subject to change and will be updated asap. If you have feedback or ideas we would love to hear from you SuperFarm@SuperMicroGreens.com !

Version 1.0 – Current
Inventory Tracking – (Add inventory lots as received to software for tracking)
Seed Inventory – (Track inventory qty, lot number, grow time, sow amount)
Grow Medium Inventory – (Track mediums by unit size)
Planting Tracking – (Track seeds, medium, grow time. Planting subtracts from inventories)
Harvest Tracking – (Harvest results tied to plantings
Supplier List – (From where do your supplies come)
Planting Locations – (Track where trays are planted and/or harvest from)
User Account Access Levels 1.0

Update 1.1 – Q1 2021
Edit Data 1.0 – (Manager, Admin can modify submitted data)
Delete Data 1.0 – (Admin can delete submitted data)
User Account Access Levels 1.1
Add Two Additional (Manager, Admin)
More users per farm

Update 1.2 – Q2 2021
User Activity Tracking 1.0- (All user actions are logged)
Simplified logs of user actions
Reporting 1.0 – (Advanced queries to submitted data)
Avg Yields, Avg Planting Weight, Visual Inventory

Update 1.3 – Q3 2021
Packaging Tracking 1.0 – (Inventory for packing materials)
Containers, Pads, Labels,
Consumer Orders 1.0 – (Subscription and one time orders)
Order Tracking 1.0 – (Standing and one time orders for commercial customers)
User Activity Tracking 1.1 – (All user actions are logged)
Advanced logs of user actions

Update 1.4 – Q4 2021
Reporting 1.1 – (Advanced queries to submitted data)
Exporting to many formats
Additional reports
QR & AR Lookup 1.0 – (Use codes to load data quickly)


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