New User Setup Guide

Thanks for choosing Super Farm software by Super Micro Greens

We are so excited to help with your farm’s daily operations. The current version of the software provides the following features and functionality.

The system assigns a Log Id to every planting. This provides a unique identifier for every planting unit (1020 tray, etc)

Getting Setup the First Time

Setup Supplier(s), Planting Locations, Grow Medium

Add supplier(s)

Required for both medium, and seeds.
We add one supplier by default “True Leaf Market”

Add planting location(s)

These are optional for now but help to keep track of shelf usage for maintenance and other rotational issues.

Add grow medium(s)

Required for adding seeds, for plantings, and recommended medium for seeds.

Final Setup Steps

Adding seeds, plantings and harvestest

Add seed(s)

Required for plantings
Requires a supplier and medium

Add Planting(s)

Requires both medium, and seeds.
Optional planting locations

Add Harvest(s)

Requires a planting
Optional planting locations


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