New User Setup Guide

Thanks for choosing Super Farm software by Super Micro Greens. We are so excited to help with your farm’s daily operations. The current version of the software provides the following features and functionality.

The system assigns a Log Id to every planting. This provides a unique identifier for every planting unit (1020 tray, etc)

Inventory Tracking – (Add inventory lots as received to software for tracking)
Seed Inventory – (Track inventory qty, lot number, grow time, sow amount)
Grow Medium Inventory – (Track mediums by unit size)
Planting Tracking – (Track seeds, medium, grow time. Planting subtracts from inventories)
Harvest Tracking – (Harvest results tied to plantings)
Supplier List – (From where do your supplies come)
Planting Locations – (Track where trays are planted and/or harvest from)

Setup Steps:
Add supplier(s) – Here
We add one supplier by default “True Leaf Market”
Add planting location(s) – Here
Not required for planting or harvest
Add grow medium(s) – Here
Required for planting
Add seed(s) – Here
Required for planting
Now you are ready to plant. – Here

After the growing period when you harvest use the harvest log (Here) to keep track of results and tie the data to the planting.


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