Long Term Development Roadmap


All dates are subject to change and will be updated asap. If you have feedback or ideas we would love to hear from you SuperFarm@SuperMicroGreens.com !

Version 1.1 - Current
Inventory Tracking - (Add inventory lots as received to software for tracking)
Seed Inventory - (Track inventory qty, lot number, grow time, sow amount)
Grow Medium Inventory - (Track mediums by unit size)
Planting Tracking - (Track seeds, medium, grow time. Planting subtracts from inventories)
Harvest Tracking - (Harvest results tied to plantings
Supplier List - (From where do your supplies come)
Planting Locations - (Track where trays are planted and/or harvest from)
User Account Access Levels 1.0
Plus Update 1.1 below!!!

Update 1.1 - Q1 2021 - Live 4-1-2021

Edit Data 1.0 - (Manager, Admin can modify submitted data)
Delete Data 1.0 - (Admin can delete submitted data)
User Account Access Levels 1.1
Add Two Additional (Manager, Admin)
More users per farm

Update 1.2 - Q2 2022

User Activity Tracking 1.0- (All user actions are logged)
Simplified logs of user actions
Reporting 1.0 - (Advanced queries to submitted data)
Avg Yields, Avg Planting Weight, Visual Inventory

Update 1.3 - Q4 2022

Packaging Tracking 1.0 - (Inventory for packing materials)
Containers, Pads, Labels,
Consumer Orders 1.0 - (Subscription and one time orders)
Order Tracking 1.0 - (Standing and one time orders for commercial customers)
User Activity Tracking 1.1 - (All user actions are logged)
Advanced logs of user actions

Update 1.4 - Q2 2023

Reporting 1.1 - (Advanced queries to submitted data)
Exporting to many formats
Additional reports
QR & AR Lookup 1.0 - (Use codes to load data quickly)

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Focus on growing and selling

Let us help you manage your inventories and keep track of what is on your shelves. Check what you have growing from a client's office.

Keeps Records

Keep track of lot numbers and have real-time access to them and associated plantings/harvests.


Historical records make everything input into the software traceable for your long term peace of mind and regulatory compliance.


Our software saves lots of repetitive data entry and costs less than an hour of good labor a month. If it saves your farm just one hour of labor a month then your making a profit using it.

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